Unique condo building in west Toronto

With all the condo buildings in Toronto sometimes its difficult to find something that stands out for a client. Many people are trying to find something that could not be called a box in the sky. If you look downtown in Toronto many new buildings fit that description. But with limited possibilities due to the need to recover the cost of the land developers have a hard time making their buildings stand out.

A few buildings are easy to spot in the downtown core because they added some flair to the design process. But overall many people just look at the price per square foot and then decide if they want to actually look at the unit.

In the west end at the corner of Lansdowne and Dupont there is a building that’s pretty unique. The Foundry Loft building is an old industrial building that has kept its main structure and built units inside the building.

Many building in downtown Toronto simply keep the first two or three floors of the facade of an old building and build the new condo behind it. While it looks great from up close on the street once you step inside in notice all thehistoricc features of the building are gone.

With the Foundry Lofts the condos were built inside the old building but they kept the old building. Because the building was a massive factory the developers had plenty of space to use. The central area of the old factory is now an interior courtyard that has plenty of potential. Its up to the condo unit holders to organize something to maximize the space and it could hold different types of events especially in the winter when people might not venture outside as much.

Here is a photo of the inside of the building.

Loft condo building interior.
Inside of Loft building.

The space can look very barren and some other agents have written in the past that it does not generate warm and fuzzy feelings. But the space has so much potential with its massive ceiling height and all the interior floor space.

The area also has one of the west ends larger parks right on its doorstep. Earlscourt Park is located directly north of the building. The park has a massive running track surronding a grass soccer field that is well used in the summer. The north part of the park has a swigging pool and community center.

Also directly north of the condo inside the park is a dog run. Its location in relation to the building could not have been more perfect although there are a few stairs to climb. The city recently built a trail with an easier slope to enter that portion of the park.

This part of Toronto has some other nice features with one of the oldest bicycle lanes on Dupont running east/west. The Dupont route connects to many north/south bicycle routes so its great for anyone who rides a bicycle around town.

The area used to be a bit of a shopping desert with smaller stores located up on St. Clair Ave and many along Bloor St to the south. The new Food Basics store located a short walk south on Lansdowne has solved the late night milk run problem. A Shoppers Drug Mart is also located close the the building.

Overall the building has many good selling points and its unique building design has great potential. The units themselves are great for couples or single folks. The building could not really handle larger sized families because the units mostly have two bedrooms and the suites designs do not make the units very private for lots of kids running around.